Despite having its Life energy closed, the Fire Phoenix had been strong.

Despite having its Life energy closed, the Fire Phoenix had been strong.

The moment they noticed the impending danger, it unleashed a tremendous level of strength, battling to split without the Punishment organizations to flee.

Sadly, the flame Phoenix failed to have surgeon dating the ability to reduce all Punishment organizations . Although it flapped their wings frantically to escape, it however had gotten entangled by the discipline stores and its escape path was clogged. Their activities transformed lethargic in mid-air.

“Damn they, please split!”

Since it had been clogged, the flame Phoenix after that started flailing their wings faster. The remaining Abuse Chains started to break…

Before the past abuse Chain broke and the flame Phoenix was about to flee, Kylie, who had changed back into their real human body, attacked. She got Yi Yeyu’s neckband, changing into a silver blur and easily pounced to the flame Phoenix that was lingering floating around!

Taking a look at Yi Yeyu’s red-colored very long sword that has been about to hit they, the Fire Phoenix had been filled with rigorous concern. They got never ever worked its wings at such a rate before with its life time.

a great noise was read. It had ultimately busted the past Punishment Chain . The moment whenever Lin Huang additionally the remainder of them heard the crack of this sequence, everyone’s hearts sank.

Once it was able to break the string, the Flames Phoenix immediately flew up large to the sky…

Yi Yeyu flooring the lady teeth and required, “submit me around!”

Immediately, an enormous electricity emerged behind the lady. Yi Yeyu’s lean muscles expidited in a blink of a close look as she oriented towards the Fire Phoenix that was flying in mid-air…

The flame Phoenix could believe its lives Power are easily unsealed. The tremendous strength it once had got came back also it felt a little treated. Before it kept, it sneered from the folk viewing from lower. However, it next noticed a terrifying scene — the lady, who was simply armed with a sword, had increased, dashing towards it…

The flames Phoenix was incapable of dodge the woman after all. Yi Yeyu’s lengthy green blade that was sealed with soft lifetime electricity broke through the feather protection effortlessly. The knife totally punctured the belly and just the handle of this sword might be seen external.

“Jeez… I ask yourself exactly what monster’s spirit Xue Luo put into Yi Yeyu’s system. It Would Possibly get a grip on flames aspect creatures to these types of a degree…”

Lin Huang obviously know exactly how effective the Fire Phoenix’s defense is. Seeing Yi Yeyu’s very long blade totally cleaning from the flame Phoenix’s defense and penetrating through its human anatomy, the guy realized it absolutely was the end result of the woman special body. He previously forecast this outcome the moment the guy watched the flame Phoenix’s strange impulse. The outcomes from the attack throughout the flame Phoenix have confirmed his prediction correct.

Even Kylie was actually shocked to see this. The Sanguine Skeletal nature after that looked over Yi Yeyu with trepidation.

Mid-air, the Fire Phoenix considered severe discomfort burning up the injury. Eventually, a strange electricity occupied the looks through the wound also it didn’t come with concept what kind of energy it had been since it going engulfing the fire power from the body. Within Just a blink of a close look, the Flame Phoenix thought the flames flame within the looks have been extinguished together with the staying Flame Spark …

After they had shed their fire electricity, their looks began to drain. It failed to have even the energy to go the wings and very quickly, its huge body plummeted on surface. Kylie dodged and carried Yi Yeyu within her weapon.

The flames Phoenix instantaneously fell into the crushed and an affect of smoking billowed up into the environment from base of the volcano.

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Actually Lin Huang could notice they from afar that it was planning to die. The guy noticed that Yi Yeyu did not strike its weak spot though.

Kylie after that transported Yi Yeyu and soon, they attained the ground. This lady face blushed whenever she got from Kylie’s arms.