The brand new Angels and you may Bosley travel to help you Their state to set up a beneficial temporary work environment

The brand new Angels and you may Bosley travel to help you Their state to set up a beneficial temporary work environment

Kris proposes to visit the store and select right up certain wine to assist them to celebrate the latest occasion. A trailer pushes her off of the path, and you will men entitled Tom Grainger faces their and you will states that she killed their girlfriend. The guy and his awesome two grown college students push the woman towards truck and you can drive out. An older woman called Eleanor Willard finds Kris’s automobile abandoned into the new seashore and you may suspects you to anything is actually incorrect. She contains the agency’s address regarding cops and you may seeks out Kelly, Julie and you will Bosley. Eleanor takes these to the auto and shows you that she sensory faculties one to some thing criminal has took place.

Despite the fact that was doubtful, Kelly, Julie and Bosley have to rely on the lady instincts just like the most other leads will most likely not pan call at time to save Kris. Grainger’s guy Ted says to a puzzled Kris you to definitely she detained their mom having prostitution in San francisco bay area 3 years before; she slain herself within her cell one to nights. Kris secret why Mrs. Grainger was a student in Bay area instead together loved ones when you look at the Their state, and exactly why they took him or her way too long to ascertain exactly what taken place to help you this lady. Grainger shouts within this lady in your thoughts her very own business. Kris jumps away at the a red-light and you may tries to avoid. Ted finds her, and considers permitting their decide for a very long time in advance of alerting his dad and you can cousin. Kris knows that Mrs.

They discover Kris’s purse and choose upwards their walk

Grainger escaped to leave the lady partner’s beatings. Ted admits one their dad have defeated all of them, however, will not believe that he or she is an adverse person. The guy and additionally insists one Grainger wouldn’t really kill Kris. Eleanor seems through Kris’s house and you may centers on the girl dated Hansel and Gretel guide, and this she thinks is very important. Kelly confirms one Kris’s mommy discover the lady the publication because good kid, hence Kris offers it a beneficial chance attraction. Kris kicks the woman handbag out of the truck once the an idea on her nearest and dearest, who’re playing with Eleanor’s visions in an effort to follow the lady. Kris considers the bread crumbs on the facts and subtly reveals a sodium wallet, leaving a white range while on the move. Kelly attempts to peaceful an alarmed Julie, and you may thanks a lot the lady to possess exhibiting such matter for an individual she barely knows.

The Graingers push towards family unit members nursery, and you can Ted realizes that his father actually intentions to kill Kris. Kris tells out of Grainger and you will claims one the woman is maybe not in control having their wife’s passing; if one thing, he could be to be blamed for mistreating the girl. Grainger becomes intoxicated and you may drops with the anxiety as he tries to convince their (and himself) he managed their girlfriend fairly. As he was distracted, Kris knocks their gun into floor and you may escapes. Ted brings right up throughout the truck so that you spdate uygulaması can let Kris get off their dad and sis. Grainger propels from wheels and directs Kris flying into a beneficial stack from mud. He attempts to already been immediately following the woman, however, Kelly appears and you can firmly discourages this process.

The fresh Angels return to the office once a day in the seashore, and therefore are happy to discovered a call regarding Eleanor. She states one to she constantly keeps so you can herself, but their friendship possess passionate their becoming a great deal more unlock.

She says to her or him you to definitely she actually is an authorized psychic who may have assisted law enforcement towards multiple occasions

Kris: “You could shoot me with this firearm, Mr. Grainger. Before you are doing, you will be aware that In my opinion you’re a personal-pitying coward and you will a beneficial liar!”