It’s ALL of the predators who go into sexual shit with these kids and I don’t understand why

It’s ALL of the predators who go into sexual shit with these kids and I don’t understand why

Really? Jeff has a job? I would think his coworkers would find him straight up fuckin insufferable. I doubt he had any friends because he comes off as a sardonic, annoying, crass, and obnoxious bitch. He seems like he’ll get worse if he’s intoxicated. He’s such a schmuck. Then, it doesn’t take long for him to get into “special chat” with the girl. He gets a lesson from Bailey about THIRSTY THOTS, and then, he moves in for the kill

Jeff, I don’t think that’s any of your fuckin business, you disgusting pig. Why would you be interested if a 13 year old girl has blown anyone? Why is that important? It’s not just exclusive to Jeff, either. Is it because they want to see if the kid is experienced, which would make them desirable? Is it the opposite? It’s fuckin abhorrent to me. Absolutely sickening.

cecilthelion: haha. I have an old iphone 4s that I don’t use. I’d give it to u if I could.

Anyway, days go by in this chat. And I mean fuckin days go by. Jeff goes from not wanting to have anything to do with this girl and being extremely condescending to her, to him thinking that she’s the 5-0, to them talking about buffalo wings, to Jeff asking the girl to take a pic with two fingers crossed, and it just goes on and on and fuckin on. It’s really exhausting and infuriating. He’s just so fuckin sleazy and is such a dirtbag. Look, I’ll be honest, he was going to take that girl’s virginity and then never talk to her again. The only reason I believe he was talking about the marriage thing was in case she was law enforcement.

He wants to have sex with a 13 year old girl

To tell everyone the truth, I’m actually pretty curious on Jeff’s penis size. I really am. I kinda want to see it. He claims that he’s not that big, but can satisfy a woman, but later on, we find out he couldn’t even get his cock hard. He had to use Cialis; the goddamn prick.

Jeff then comes from left field talking about how a minor doesn’t truly know what love bgclive free app is and cannot consent and can be easily manipulated to have sex, and that there are laws to prevent that

Yeah, I’m sure a 13 year old girl who told you she was in trouble previously and comes from a broken home wouldn’t be super excited to tell everyone that a 44 year old impotent jerk is talking to her on Skype chat. Yup. Jeff, I want you to know something, baby. You know when a 13 year old is lying: when their mouth is moving. I have a son who is turning 14 this month. I’ll ask him “Did you clean your room?” He’ll say: “Yeah” as he’s leaving the house to go hang out with his friends. I go upstairs and his room is a fuckin disaster zone.

And this is the point of no return. Jeff has made his intentions clear. He wants to be with this child. This is also the point where the decoy begins to manipulate him as much as he was manipulating her. He knows he can go to jail and have me talking so much shit about him here. LOL. He’s just so slimy and so sleazy. God, I want to take a shower with hydrochloric acid after listening to his chat.

He talks to her about a prenup and all types of other sordid shit that no minor should know about. I totally see the brainwashing that Jeff was trying to do. It’s scary as fuck.

Jeff keeps reiterating that he wants the girl to promise him that she’ll never tell anyone. Especially not her mother. As if that will save him from the police. He says he will be there Saturday afternoon and that he will stay with her that night and go back to his Boston home on Sunday.